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BY: Michael M. Koyfman, DMD

Let me introduce a wonderful innovation which I am very pleased to offer all of our patients.  It is call CEREC, which stands for CHAIRSIDE ECONOMICAL RESTORATION OF ESTHETIC CERAMICS.  CEREC is a computer guided system which can fabricate all porcelain restorations and best of all it can do it in only one visit.  So from now on, we'll start your crown and finish your crown all in one visit and usually faster than a traditional crown appointment.  What does this mean for you? Well, I am happy to say that you will not have to deal with those temporary crowns that love to come out on weekends, vacations, and best of all while in the middle of a meeting at work.  Now with the CEREC machine a beautiful restoration made of all porcelain (no metal) will be permanently cemented approximately one hour after we started the appointment.

More good news.  Does that impression make you gag?  Do you hate the taste?  Well, by using the CEREC machine to fix your tooth we don't need to take an impression.  Instead, we have a camera and take a picture of the tooth and then use the software to virtually design your new tooth.  Another benefit of CEREC is that often the amount of tooth that is drilled in order to make a crown is significantly less.  So CEREC is a more conservative approach to performing dentistry.

Once visit crowns.  Less tooth being drilled away.  No impressions.  No temporaries.  This is the future of denitstry... and we are happy to be able to deliver this service for you  TODAY!!


BY:  Michael M. Koyfman, DMD 

Dentures alone are not the best way to replace your natural teeth.  They are tough to wear, especially those bottom dentures.  They never seem to fit right, they move, they cause discomfort, they are difficult to speak with and they cause painful sore spots.  Some people have dentures fabricated and never wear them.  Some people use their dentures for the sole purpose of meeting and talking with people. And some people take their dentures out when it's time to eat.  Unfortunately, you are limited with food options when using a denture;  forget about biting into an apple or corn on the cob! When using a denture you are forced to use messy, unpleasant and ineffective dental adhesives to keep the denture secure. Many times the advesives fail at the worst times causing embarrassing situations. So why do Americans spend $150 million dollars a year on these faulty adhesives? Isn't there a better way to secure the dentures? Keep reading... 

Maybe you believe a partial denture is the answer. Partial dentures (dentures that are attached to some existing teeth) are not the best option either and may lead to additional dental problems. Why? Well because in order to secure the partial in place you need to attach metal hooks to supporting teeth.  These teeth become over-stressed and will loosen over time. They may also harbor plaque possibly causing gum disease and cavities.  More bad news:  literature supports that an inability to eat caused by ill-fitting dentures may favor systemic changes that can bring about illness, debilitation, and shortened life expectancy -  certainly not what we want! So isn't there a better way to secure dentures? Keep reading...

The life expectancy has increased well past the age of retirement.  Social pleasures, including dining and dating, continue throughout advanced life.  Don't be stuck with ill-fitting dentures and tube of adhesive.  Lets talk about a way to dramatically improve your quality of life... welcome to the world of IMPLANT dentistry.

A dental implant is a device that is placed with a simple surgical procedure into your jaw bones. Implants are routinely used for two different reasons. They can replace individual missing teeth or it can support a denture by adding tremedous retention and stability (goodbye adhesives).  In essence, the implant becomes a very strong anchor to your denture. A goal of modern dentistry is to return the patient to ideal oral health in a predictable fashion which can be accomplished with the use of dental implants.  The success rate and patient acceptance rates of dentures supported by dental implants is greater than 90%!! An amazing number when compared to patient approval rates of dentures without implants which is less then 50%.  We want you to have your teeth functioning at their best, keeping you healthy and happy. Schedule a time to speak to me to see if dental implants are right for you.

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