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Our dental office is dedicated to helping you maintain a healthy, beautiful smile for a lifetime. For over 50 years, we have been providing comprehensive dental care to patients in the Orlando community. Drs. Michael Koyfman and Gita Rewari are dedicated to providing you with precise, personalized care enhanced with advanced techniques and technology.

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Narrator: Koyfman Dental is proud to have served Orlando, Florida patients as their trusted dentist for over 50 years. Voted top dentist by Orlando Magazine, our practice is dedicated to providing compassionate care that meets all of your general, cosmetic, and restorative needs. From Invisalign to complete dental implants, our doctors and staff can provide the advanced treatment you need, with state of the art technology and flexible scheduling and financing. Doctors Michael Koyfman and Gita Rewari can provide the superior care your family needs for years to come. Dr. Koyfman: Our practice has been a staple of the Orlando community since 1958, and we pride ourselves in our practice since it started on providing a five-star customer service. We serve all areas of Orlando. We have people that come in from 45 minutes to 2 hours away in the Central Florida community. Plus with the services that we offer with dental implants, we actually have patients that come in from all over the country, from Houston and Los Angeles and Chicago oftentimes to have some of the services provided here in our office. Jan: Well, I've been coming to Dr. Koyfman for a number of years now, and well, I'm just so happy that I found him. He's wonderful. I couldn't imagine going to another dentist. The whole staff is caring. He listens. He's careful. He does beautiful work. He cares about his work. He cares about his patients. Tim: When we decided to get implants and have dentures sitting on top of implants, and I'll tell you it's better than anything I could have imagined. I knew I needed an entire new set, and I'm glad I made the choice that I did, I'm glad that I came where I came, because everyone here is great. They are always available. You think it's going to cost you an arm and a leg, and they work with you. It's pretty cool. Narrator: At Koyfman Dental, our promise is to deliver the highest possible level of care with empathy and understanding. Nothing less than a five-star experience is our priority. We are able to accomplish this goal through advanced treatments aided by the latest technology and performed by compassionate, highly trained professionals. Dr. Koyfman: The moment our patients come in, they're greeted at the door. They are seated on time. They have everything explained to them that we do thoroughly. So there really are no questions on their end, what we're doing and why we're doing it. And at the very end of the procedure, we make sure everything went well, and we follow up with our patients when the appointments are finished and make sure that they're doing okay after they've completed their treatment. Narrator: An area of focus at Koyfman Dental are dental implants. We can perform all stages of treatment, from preparatory procedures to implant restoration without the need for referrals to outside doctors. Our experienced team is also able to provide any customized treatments you may need, including All-on-4 removable overdentures and same day restoration placement. Dr. Koyfman: Patients come to our office for dental implants because we do everything. We place the dental implant, and we put the teeth on the dental implants. Therefore, it's extremely convenient for the patient. It maximizes their time. They don't have to keep coming back in and out or go to multiple offices. And it also is more affordable for the patients. They don't have to pay one doctor for one service and another doctor for another service. That's a huge benefit for the patient and for their time and for the pocketbook. Narrator: We understand that patients have busy lives and that squeezing in dental appointments can be a frustrating task. That's why at Koyfman Dental we work with you to accommodate your life. Lauren: Well, as a busy mom of two, I've got a teenager and a toddler, I really like coming to Koyfman Dental practice because I know all members of my family can be seen at one time. It's what they call block scheduling. And they have some convenient hours before school, Fridays as well, and I know that there's never going to be a long wait in the waiting room. Tracy: As a teacher, I have to be at school by 8:30. So I can get here for a 7:00 a.m. cleaning, and I'm in and out within 30 minutes and I make it to work on time, which is very convenient because of office hours and school hours conflicting. So him having his office open at 7:00 a.m. I can come right before school, have my cleaning done and get to work on time. Dr. Koyfman: My business philosophy in our office is to treat everybody with respect and basically the golden rule. I want everyone to be treated the way I would want to to be treated if I was a patient in a dental office. So every one of our team members is trained to make sure that our patients have absolutely perfect five-star experience from the moment they walk in the door to the moment they leave our office. Narrator: Whatever your dental needs may be, you can rest assured that once you become a member of our family at Koyfman Dental, you will be cared for by a team of doctors at the top of their game, using the very latest in dental technology and a passion not only for individual patient care, but the care of your entire family. Dr. Koyfman: The most rewarding thing for treating patients for me is seeing them smile at the end of the appointment. A lot of times we see patients come in with broken teeth that they've been covering up for almost a lifetime. And when we have an opportunity to fix those teeth and they can smile and I see tears running down their eyes with happiness, it's such a rewarding aspect of our job. Also, we see patients every day that come in with severe toothaches, swelling, pain, discomfort. They can't eat, they can't chew. And when we can help them get out of pain and be able to function and chew and eat and smile, it's extremely wonderful, and it's very rewarding, and that's why our patients choose to come back to see us.

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At Koyfman Dental, our dentists can meet a wide range of dental needs with treatments including dental implants, Invisalign, and full mouth reconstructions. Our dentists are highly trained and affiliated with:

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Thank you Dr. Koyfman for the amazing work. For the first time in my life I'm not afraid to show my teeth when I smile. Most importantly I'm thankful that you understood my sensitivity and did everything to make me comfortable!

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