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Establishing a positive relationship with the dentist at an early age is very important. Our pediatric dentist, Dr. Gita Rewari, is dedicated to creating a positive experience for your child by maximizing comfort. Our office is equipped with iPads, in-operatory TVs, and a treasure box.

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Dr. Rewari: Our philosophy, as an office, is that every child should have a great dental visit. We find that when children are really happy in their dental environment, they're more likely to create a dental home and get lasting care throughout their lifetime. In our office, we aim to make the children as comfortable as possible. We have in-operatory TVs, access to applications such as Netflix, Pandora, as well as iPads. We work really hard to keep the patients comfortable in a safe, warm, family-friendly environment. Aside from these technologies, we do also offer other services, such as nitrous oxide, which is commonly known as laughing gas. This will allow your child to feel at ease during their routine dental treatment. Hailey: I like coming to Koyfman Dental because they're really nice here, and they give painless cleanings, and I get to choose from the treasure box. Lauren: Well, as a busy mom of two, I've got a teenager and a toddler, I really like coming to Koyfman Dental Practice because I know all members of my family can be seen at one time. It's what they call block scheduling. And they have some convenient hours before school, Fridays as well, and I know that there's never going to be a long wait in the waiting room. And even the hygienist knows, sometimes toddlers can't sit still. So they get through their procedures pretty quickly, but I know, always, it's going to be a thorough job and that my son is going to be in a fun environment, and they make it really calming for him. And he always looks forward to getting a treat out of the treasure box at the end. And even at the end of the appointment, they make checking out quick and easy. So it's convenient. I know that I'll be able to stay in one practice through all phases of my children's lives, and they'll get to see the same team members through their road to a beautiful smile.

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At Koyfman Dental, our dentists can meet a wide range of dental needs with treatments including dental implants, Invisalign, and full mouth reconstructions. Our dentists are highly trained and affiliated with:

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Thank you Dr. Koyfman for the amazing work. For the first time in my life I'm not afraid to show my teeth when I smile. Most importantly I'm thankful that you understood my sensitivity and did everything to make me comfortable!

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